Whistleblower Attorneys Can Help

whistleblower attorneys can help

If you have information about illegal or unethical activities of a business, organization, government contractor or other entity, whistleblower attorneys can help. These individuals investigate, litigate, and prosecute cases involving fraud against the government. Whistleblower cases include those involving federal healthcare programs, defense contracting and IRS tax fraud, among others.

When selecting a whistleblower law firm, make sure the attorneys have experience in these complex types of litigation and know how to work with federal authorities to investigate and litigate cases. Many of these cases involve highly sensitive and confidential information and require a great deal of work and attention to detail. The attorneys must understand the rules of confidentiality and how to avoid exposing whistleblower identities or other confidential information that could damage their client’s case.

Empowering Change: How Whistleblower Attorneys Can Make a Difference

Also consider how a firm bills its clients. Some firms have a policy of billing by the hour, while others offer a contingency fee structure where you pay only if there is a successful recovery of funds for your case. This can make a difference in your case outcome and is particularly important with whistleblower cases that may have lengthy litigation periods and complicated investigations.

Choosing a law firm is an important professional decision that can have life-changing impacts. It can mean the difference between your case being dismissed or ignored and making significant impacts and being rewarded for your efforts and contribution to justice. In addition, it can protect you against employer retaliation that is prohibited by law.

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