Wedding Catering For Eco-Conscious Brides

wedding catering for ecoconscious brides

Choosing organic, locally sourced catering is one of the biggest things you can do to reduce your wedding catering for eco-conscious brides environmental footprint. This is because the food won’t have to travel far – and it’ll be as fresh as possible too. Many venues even grow their own fruit and vegetables on-site to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Another easy switch to make is switching from single-use plates, napkins, and utensils to reusable ones. This will drastically cut down on the amount of waste produced during your big day. For table centrepieces, consider using potted plants and asking your florist for greener alternatives to floral foam (such as sand, pebbles, or marbles) that can be returned to the garden or given to guests as favours afterwards.

Sustainable Wedding Catering: How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Feast

Meat is a huge contributor to GHG emissions, so opting for a vegetarian menu is an eco-friendly way to go. If you do want to serve meat, then choose smaller portions of it to minimise waste. Similarly, serving your guests plated dishes instead of a buffet will also reduce food waste.

Give your guests a favour they can plant, such as mini succulents. They’ll be easy to maintain and a great reminder of your special day. Alternatively, you can donate to an earth-focused charity in honour of your guests. It’s a great way to thank them for joining you, and it will help make the world a better place too!

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