The Magic Mushroom Dispensary


As Canada’s cannabis industry has exploded, so has its psychedelic market. Even though psilocybin remains illegal, shops and websites peddling the hallucinogenic drug are popping up across the country, spurred by heightened demand and changing medical research. And while police have raided some of these stores, they often turn a blind eye. Source:

Inside the Psychedelic Revolution: Exploring Dispensaries

In downtown Toronto, a store called Shroomyz has a mural of a rainbow shiitake on its outside and offers discount fliers to passersby. Inside, the store is stocked with various types of mushrooms — including Penis Envy, Daddy Long Legs and Wollygong, which look like giant white lilies — that cost from $10 a gram to $200 for an ounce. The shop is part of a national chain called Fun Guyz, which has more than a dozen locations in the country and boasts of selling “high-quality mushroom products.”

It’s a sign that, just like with cannabis, people want more accessibility to psychedelic drugs. That’s good news for the growing number of Canadians who are trying out “micro-dosing,” or taking very small amounts of the drug.

But it’s not without its risks. A bad trip — or “psychedelic dystonia” as scientists call it — can be distressing for users. Those symptoms include anxiety, paranoia and delusions. In some cases, a bad trip can cause delirium and require the use of sedatives like diazepam (Valium) or antipsychotics. And the drug’s illegal status can also make it hard for law enforcement to intervene if things go wrong.

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