Proper Ride Wear is Essential For Riding in Hot Weather

Proper ride wear is essential for riding, especially when riding in hot weather. A vented helmet allows air to circulate in the head, preventing you from getting overheated and becoming uncomfortable. Avoid dark-colored helmets and use a tinted visor to protect your eyes and face. You can also use a bandanna to cover your mouth and nose.

Is buying workout clothes worth it?

It’s also crucial to dress appropriately for the season. Warm weather can change quickly, changing twenty five degrees in a matter of minutes. Make sure you bring layers that can be changed quickly as the weather changes. Winds and rain can suddenly arrive, bringing cold and hot temperatures with them. Invest in waterproof gloves and socks, as well as rain jackets and overshoes.

Protective pants and shorts are also essential. Jeans offer better protection than shorts, but have almost no abrasion resistance. Protective pants should have padding around the knees, tailbone, and hips. A good pair of jeans will keep your hands protected, but will not snag on the reins.

Cycling jerseys come in a variety of styles and materials. Some of them are stretchy and wicking, while others are made with a chamois to keep your skin dry and comfortable. Most companies sell matching sets of jerseys and shorts. Long-sleeve jerseys are also available, and many feature windproof panels to keep you warm in cooler weather.

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