Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

pier and beam foundation repair dallas, often referred to as post and beam, are found in older homes that were built before 1960. While slab foundations are more common in newer construction, pier and beam foundations can still be used as an alternative for homes in flood zones, hills, or areas with soil that expands or contracts regularly. Like all types of foundations, pier and beam foundations can experience problems with shifting. When these problems occur, doors and windows begin to sag or become misaligned, floor joists sink or bow, and cracks form in the walls. If a home is not repaired, the problem can quickly worsen and cause extensive damage to the entire structure.

In order to stabilize a sagging or tilting pier and beam house, the foundation must be lifted. This is typically done by installing concrete or steel foundation piers to support the house’s weight and restore the level of the floors. This process can take longer than a slab repair due to the need for sufficient access under the house. A crawl space is needed so the inspectors, plumbers, air conditioning technicians, and electricians can all work on the foundation.

Cracked Foundations and Sinking Homes: Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Dallas Demystified

One of the biggest factors affecting a pier and beam repair is the cost of excavation. It is important to hire a contractor who has the proper excavation equipment to dig out and expose the foundation footers. If not handled correctly, the excavation process can result in water penetration under the house which can lead to rot and mold. Additionally, underground obstructions such as tree roots or utility lines can significantly delay the repair process and increase labor costs.

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