Malta Property For Rent

Malta property for rent is currently enjoying strong activity, with a wide range of malta property for rent available in various locations and price ranges. The island’s diverse rental market offers both long-term leases for those wishing to establish roots in Malta and short-term arrangements catering to tourists and business travellers seeking flexible accommodation options.

Apartments for rent continue to dominate the Maltese rental market, with most properties offering a number of different layouts to suit individual requirements and budgets. While internal space remains an important factor for many, increasing numbers of tenants are also keen to benefit from the island’s sunny Mediterranean climate by opting for apartments with large outdoor spaces to entertain and relax in.

Unveiling Malta Property for Rent: Your Search Ends Here

Depending on your circumstances, it may be preferable to choose a furnished apartment for rent as most landlords will include furniture and fittings in the monthly rate. However, unfurnished properties are also readily available in the Maltese property market. Water, electricity and internet rates are normally borne by the tenant on consumption basis.

With a reasonably priced – and extensive – public transportation system covering the entire island, many expats living in Malta find that they can easily do without a car. This can save thousands of euros each year on vehicle insurance, MOT and maintenance costs. It’s therefore no surprise that the most sought after rental properties are located in the main towns of Sliema, Valletta and St Julian’s. However, with the right Maltese real estate agency by your side, it’s possible to find an affordable rental property that meets all your needs in any part of Malta.

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