How to Build Retaining Walls Seattle

Retaining walls seattle are a staple of any well-designed landscape. Retaining wall blocks seattle create layered aesthetics to your property and give you the ability to harness the natural elevation of your land for more usable space. They also help prevent soil erosion, especially in steep areas of your yard.

Can I build a retaining wall myself?

There are a variety of materials you can use to build retaining walls. The most popular include wood, stone and concrete. While it is possible to make retaining walls out of other materials, these often have higher construction costs.

Most retaining wall projects require a permit from your city or county. This is because retaining walls over four feet in height are considered structures and may be subject to building codes and other restrictions. You can often avoid these requirements by building a series of shorter retaining walls that are terraced on the slope, instead of one tall wall.

Start by marking the area where you want your retaining wall to be built. Then dig the area down to a depth of about 8 inches. Install a base layer that is made of crushed stone or gravel. This will help keep the soil back behind your retaining wall in place, and it will prevent water from getting trapped underneath the wall, which can cause it to erode or collapse.

Once the base layer is installed, install the blocks. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors of blocks, including modern flat face units, traditional radius face units and rustic tumbled units. You can even mix and match different block types to create your ideal look.…

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