How Does Wine Tasting Work?

how does wine tasting work

How Does Wine Tasting Work

When you visit a winery for a tasting, you’re given an assortment of wines that may be accompanied by tours, explanations and delectable food pairings. You can typically expect to taste anywhere from two to eight wines in a single tasting. URL

How to Taste Wine

The steps for tasting a wine vary, but the general process is to take a sip and evaluate its aromas. You’ll notice that the aromas may differ depending on where the wine was produced and what the grapes were grown in the vineyard.

Once you have smelled the wine, you’ll then want to taste it for texture and flavor. Generally, you’ll start with lighter wines to give your palate a chance to get used to the flavors.

Next, you’ll need to judge the acidity and tannins (if red). These elements are felt on the tongue and in the back of your throat. They produce a sensation similar to the sting of an apple or an orange peel.

How Does Wine Tasting Work? A Beginner’s Guide to Tasting Wine

Lastly, you’ll need to determine how much alcohol is in the wine. The higher the alcohol content, the more you’ll feel buzzed.

Pacing your tasting

The biggest mistake people make is to drink too much on an empty stomach, which is not healthy for anyone. It’s best to pace yourself and eat before you head out for your tasting.

You’ll also need to avoid any extraneous scents such as perfume, cologne or smoking before a tasting. These odors can be distracting and can really interfere with the quality of your taste experience.

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