Fancy Halal Restaurants

The city of New York is a foodie paradise that allows diners to enjoy cuisines from all over the world within a few miles. While there are plenty of halal restaurants that offer delicious meals, there are very few that also have the ambience and service to be considered “fancy.” This is an important area that needs to be addressed, especially considering the number of Muslims in NYC and around the world who want to go out for a special dinner with their friends or loved ones.

Is Donkey meat is halal?

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite fancy halal restaurants that are suitable for dates or any other formal occasion. While this list is short, it’s a start and we hope it encourages restaurant owners, chefs, and other businesses to consider opening more halal fine dining establishments that can be enjoyed by Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Among their popular dishes, Kucina’s stuffed Tortellini pasta and the Spaghetti Gamberi Gremolata are must-try items.

This cosy eatery is one of the few places in Toronto where you can get kabob torsh, a Persian dish that features beef sirloin or tenderloin. The meat is grilled to perfection and the dish comes with a selection of tasty sauces. They also serve up savoury side dishes and desserts.

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