Dissertation Editing

A dissertation represents the culmination of years of work in your field of study. It is essential that it is of top quality, to maximise markers’ understanding of the content and thereby allow you to achieve the marks that will set you on your desired career path. Dissertation editing is one way of achieving this; it is an integral part of the overall academic writing process and should be undertaken before your dissertation is submitted for grading.

Who can edit my dissertation?

You will probably have a colleague or peer review your dissertation at some point, but having someone else read it and check for spelling and grammatical errors can be helpful in finding problems that you might not have seen. The other advantage of getting someone else to read and proofread your dissertation is that they can also check the style consistency, tone, voice and clarity of your text.

If you want to hire a professional editor, look for an academic editing service that specialises in dissertations. This will ensure that your editor has experience working with students and has an in-depth understanding of the content and language requirements of a dissertation. It is a good idea to choose an editor who has experience in other genres of academic writing, too, since this will demonstrate their versatility and ability to understand your writing at a deeper level.

Another consideration when choosing a professional dissertation editor is their pricing and the guarantees they offer. Look for a service that offers a price guarantee and will refund any work that has not met expectations. It is also useful to find an editor who has a PhD or equivalent and extensive experience in academic editing. This will allow them to edit your work thoroughly, while still ensuring that it is within the guidelines set by your university.

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