Credit Report Lawyers

credit report lawyers

Credit report attorney lawyers help people fight for their rights with credit reporting agencies, debt collectors and other lenders. They help consumers dispute incorrect negative information on their credit reports including evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, civil judgments and debt collections. They also assist victims of identity theft.

Businesses use credit reporting agencies to review a person’s financial history before lending them money or offering them employment, insurance and housing. A credit report contains a detailed history of an individual’s finances, including how they pay their debt and how much they owe on revolving and installment loans. The credit report also includes other important details such as bankruptcies, civil judgments, liens and debts in collection. If a business can’t get accurate information from a consumer, it may deny the person a loan or a job.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Credit Report Lawyer

The first step in credit repair is contacting the credit bureaus to inform them of inaccurate information on the report. The best way to do this is by sending a letter via certified mail with the return receipt requested. It is important to include a cover letter with copies of documents to support the claim. If the credit bureaus don’t correct the information within 30 days of receiving a letter, then the consumer can file a lawsuit against them.

A New York credit report lawyer can help with the litigation process, keeping the consumer informed at every step and helping them understand their rights and legal options. They can help recover monetary compensation as well as punitive damages if the credit report was intentionally misleading or deceptive.

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