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In his videos, the former kickboxer-turned-influencer explains how he and his brother ran a webcam business that used models to manipulate men into sending them money. He claims that at the height of his operation, he had over 75 women working for him across four locations. Despite his claims of making millions, the reality is that many of these women were exploited and some even suffered abuse. URL andrew

During his arrest in December, Tate was accused of recruiting women for sex work and human trafficking. Messages from his group chat, Full Send, were analysed and found to suggest that he and his brother encouraged members to procure girls for his webcam service. Tate has denied these allegations.

Real World AI: Bridging the Gap Between AI Research and Everyday Applications

On his website and YouTube channel, Tate has a vast following and promotes his virtual school Hustlers University as the best place for guys to learn how to earn money online. His content is popular on TikTok, and clips from his appearances frequently go viral. He also runs a podcast and runs his own community, where he shares his views.

His controversial views have drawn criticism from domestic violence charities who say his misogyny is capable of radicalising men and boys into committing real-life harm. But despite these concerns, many of his followers remain supportive of him and continue to follow his advice. The Daily Beast reports that this is partly due to the cult of personality surrounding him, which sees his followers treat him like a messiah.

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school playground equipment

school playground equipment may not seem like a top priority for some schools, but it can actually have a huge impact on kids’ education. Installing school playground equipment may also appear to be an expensive investment, but if you shop around, you can get the best quality equipment for less. In this article, we will look at the various things to consider when shopping for school playground equipment, including determining the appropriate budget and choosing between complete structures or individual elements.

Kids love to climb, and climbing helps kids build strength, coordination and depth perception. However, accidents can happen when children fall from these heights. That’s why it’s important to choose equipment with soft surfacing that cushions falls and reduces injury risk.

The Benefits of Modern School Playground Equipment for Physical Activity and Learning

Another safety concern is entanglement and enttrapment, which occurs when a child gets their clothing or head caught in equipment. To help prevent these hazards, check that all equipment has a clear exit region and rounded edges. It’s also a good idea to have kids wear loose, comfortable clothes and take off any drawstrings or other items that could be caught in equipment.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that the equipment is designed and separated for children of different ages. This will keep younger children away from more dangerous equipment and give older students a chance to play together. It’s also important to teach kids playground rules, such as keeping both hands on a ladder and waiting in line for their turn on equipment.

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wedding catering for ecoconscious brides

Choosing organic, locally sourced catering is one of the biggest things you can do to reduce your wedding catering for eco-conscious brides environmental footprint. This is because the food won’t have to travel far – and it’ll be as fresh as possible too. Many venues even grow their own fruit and vegetables on-site to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Another easy switch to make is switching from single-use plates, napkins, and utensils to reusable ones. This will drastically cut down on the amount of waste produced during your big day. For table centrepieces, consider using potted plants and asking your florist for greener alternatives to floral foam (such as sand, pebbles, or marbles) that can be returned to the garden or given to guests as favours afterwards.

Sustainable Wedding Catering: How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Feast

Meat is a huge contributor to GHG emissions, so opting for a vegetarian menu is an eco-friendly way to go. If you do want to serve meat, then choose smaller portions of it to minimise waste. Similarly, serving your guests plated dishes instead of a buffet will also reduce food waste.

Give your guests a favour they can plant, such as mini succulents. They’ll be easy to maintain and a great reminder of your special day. Alternatively, you can donate to an earth-focused charity in honour of your guests. It’s a great way to thank them for joining you, and it will help make the world a better place too!

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commercial coffee makers used

When looking for the right commercial coffee makers, businesses should assess their needs. It’s important to consider how much coffee they need to brew per day, as well as their peak hours of demand. Then, they can choose a machine that has the appropriate capacity to ensure that they have enough coffee for their staff and customers.

Coffee maker features that can make a difference include programmable settings, multiple brewing options, and milk frothing capabilities. These features can help businesses customize their coffee based on customer preferences. They can also save time and resources by eliminating the need for a separate grinder and frothing device.

Brewing Excellence on a Budget: The Pros and Cons of Refurbished Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial coffee makers can be used in a variety of foodservice settings, including restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores. These machines can brew large quantities of coffee quickly and are easy to operate. They are also cost-effective, making them a popular choice for businesses that prioritize convenience over specialized coffee offerings.

Espresso machines are another type of commercial coffee maker that can be used in restaurants and cafes. These machines can produce a high-quality cup of espresso, and they are available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. They can also be used to dispense other beverages, such as hot chocolate and tea.

There are also satellite coffee makers that can brew coffee into insulated servers, which allows businesses to serve their drinks in a different setting than the machine itself. These types of commercial coffee makers are typically used in self-serve coffee stations, allowing customers to take their coffee with them as they work.

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In many parts of the world, where laws are lenient, shrooms delivery canada can be purchased online and delivered to your door. Psychedelic mushrooms contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin, which alters perception and leads to altered consciousness. Many people use them to find spiritual enlightenment, to help with depression and anxiety, and as an aid to addiction recovery. OrganicShroomCanada are also used for creative purposes, to increase concentration and focus, and to improve emotional intelligence.

The Role of Magic Mushrooms in Calgary’s Mental Health Movement

A recent court case in Canada has paved the way for the legalization of magic mushrooms, though only under strict conditions. The case, R v. Parnell, argued that the wording of the Food and Drug Act’s prohibition of a “controlled substance” is inconsistent with the wording of the Narcotic Control Act’s prohibited substances, and that possession of mushrooms containing the hallucinogenic psilocybin is not a violation of the Food and Drug Act as long as they are left in their natural state.

Despite the legal grey area, a new retail operation has opened in Osborne Village, selling illegal hallucinogenic mushrooms. The chain FunGuyz claims that its products are therapeutic and says it is pushing to make the mushrooms it sells legal in Quebec and other places in Canada.

But in Winnipeg, where police work with a federal inspector to oversee mushroom stores, FunGuyz is facing the same scrutiny as other illegal dispensaries. The city says it won’t provide special permits or zoning considerations for the store, but the province would be responsible for licensing, according to a spokesperson.

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