Buying Casters at a Caster Sale

caster sale

A caster sale  is a great time to stock up on casters for your furniture, appliances, equipment, and more. Casters come in different materials, wheel diameters and tread widths, as well as load ratings and overall heights, so you can choose the ones that will best match your specific needs.

Casters are used to support and maneuver a variety of pieces of equipment, including carts, racks and dollies. They are available in a wide range of materials, with many different wheel diameters and tread widths to fit various floor types.

They are also sold based on their maximum rated weight capacity, which will determine where they will be most useful. Lighter casters are ideal for rolling furniture and less demanding applications, while heavier casters can be used for industrial equipment or uses that require more support.

Upgrade Your Furniture with the Best Casters for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

You can add features to swivel casters, such as swivel locks, swivel restrictors, sealed swivel sections and brakes. These options can increase the price of a swivel caster, but they provide additional functionality.

Stem casters are popular for lighter-duty equipment, such as office chair caster wheels, wire shelves and shopping carts. They use a stem, a small metal rod that attaches to the bottom of the piece of equipment.

Plate casters are another type of caster that uses a flat plate with holes to attach the caster to equipment. These are commonly found on medical carts and other apparatus.

Kingpin casters are also an option for customers who want to reduce their swivel ability in high-torque applications. These casters include a staked or threaded element that keeps the swivel assembly together, making it more likely to last in these uses.

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