Becoming a Driving Instructor

driving instructor

A driving instructor is a trained professional who instructs people about how to drive cars and other vehicles safely. Their duties are to prepare students for their driver’s license exams and provide a hands-on approach to learning.

They typically work in a classroom setting to teach students safe driving rules and safety procedures before giving them their first lesson on the road. These teachers also give motivation, feedback and instruction to improve the student’s skills behind the wheel.

Excellent verbal and written communication is a key skill for driving instructors. They often write next steps for their students to take while they are driving and meet with them frequently to highlight areas of improvement.

Their ability to communicate with their students can be especially important when dealing with high school or college students who are trying to get their driver’s license. They are also likely to need strong listening skills so they can identify issues with their students’ learning and attitude.

The Importance of Building a Strong Relationship with Your Driving Instructor

A person who is a driving instructor must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 21 years old to hold this job. In addition, they need to have a high school diploma and a certification from the state to teach driver’s education courses.

Becoming a driving instructor is an important career path for those who want to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s a rewarding and challenging position that can help people learn the skills they need to be safe drivers.

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