Andrew Tate – Misogynist Webcam Entrepreneur

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In his videos, the former kickboxer-turned-influencer explains how he and his brother ran a webcam business that used models to manipulate men into sending them money. He claims that at the height of his operation, he had over 75 women working for him across four locations. Despite his claims of making millions, the reality is that many of these women were exploited and some even suffered abuse. URL andrew

During his arrest in December, Tate was accused of recruiting women for sex work and human trafficking. Messages from his group chat, Full Send, were analysed and found to suggest that he and his brother encouraged members to procure girls for his webcam service. Tate has denied these allegations.

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On his website and YouTube channel, Tate has a vast following and promotes his virtual school Hustlers University as the best place for guys to learn how to earn money online. His content is popular on TikTok, and clips from his appearances frequently go viral. He also runs a podcast and runs his own community, where he shares his views.

His controversial views have drawn criticism from domestic violence charities who say his misogyny is capable of radicalising men and boys into committing real-life harm. But despite these concerns, many of his followers remain supportive of him and continue to follow his advice. The Daily Beast reports that this is partly due to the cult of personality surrounding him, which sees his followers treat him like a messiah.

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